Lawyer’s Social Forum

It will be a forum for lawyers and for law students. It is a non-profit forum that intends to facilitate lawyers from all over the country.which will be working to bring lawyers on a single platform. For this purpose, this forum will be working under the guidance of senior lawyers to provide any assistance that a lawyer may require, for example, placement services, consulting and others. The forum will also work closely with each other to organize meaningful and enjoyable events and activities aiming to achieve the following objectives:


  1. To increase awareness among the lawyers
  2. Help in placements and legal training
  3. To provide an opportunity to participate in cultural and social activities.
  4. To provide other opportunities to members, such as trips to conventions, seminars, educational and recreation trips, events within and outside the country, promote healthy sports and co-curricular activities, including debates, declamations, moots, performing art workshops and presentations, tutorials etc.
  5. To use increased awareness and education to enhance the learning process.
  6. Respect for all and to all is our base foundation and any member seen deregulating will be penalized by the forum.
  7. To provide facilities to the members in performance of their professional duties.
  8. To preserve, promote and safeguard the interest of the Members.
  9. To maintain higher professional standards of probity and integrity amongst its members and to check and eradicate unprofessional practices.
  10. To advance the cause of justice and law
  11. To set up a system to provide free legal consultation and proceedings to the needy.
  12. The forum ensures that good communication link is established amongst the junior lawyers as well as between the senior Lawyers.

Members and Membership

  1. Membership to the forum shall be on registration.
  2. Members will be registered and cards will be issued.
  3. All members will be eligible to participate in all the activities offered by the Lawyers Social Forum.
  4. Students can also apply for registration. They will be called in for interviews. Remember academic results will be taken into consideration while selecting a student member.
  5. Given that any member, whose enrollment stands suspended, will lose all benefits of a part amid the period his participation is under suspension.

Member List

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