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A genuine federal form of government is the only suitable and viable option for the multicultural and multiethnic polities.

“Identity is a concept that implies that psychological sense of self, a sense that one belongs to a group and is safe”

Identities makeup one’s self concept and self-concept described as what comes to mind when thinks of self. Self-...

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Criminal Cases

We best assists our clients as to criminal litigation in Pakistan. Crime law is an extreme practice area covering all aspects of crime. Any act or omission that violates a command that derives its strength from the legislature or from the authority-political or religi...

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Corporate Cases

Our dedicated team of professional lawyers helps their customers with regard to corporate law and litigation in Pakistan. We at MYS can assist whether you are a company director or secretary fighting to make sense of your legal obligations or a busy professional looki...

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Civil Cases

We provides full legal services in Civil matters concerning individuals and companies. If you are a trust, contract, mortgage, title or lease party, our Civil Lawyers can advise you of your legal rights and obligations to save a lot of money and legal loopholes. Our q...

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Immigration Consultancy

MYS Legal Consultancy is working with the sole aim of helping people and our customers achieve their migration goals with the utmost ease. We try to minimize challenges, especially confusion and confrontation to which the visa application process is often associated w...

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International Family Consultancy

MYS Legal Consultancy deals with all kinds of International family cases concerning their marriage, divorce, custody and inheritance.

All custody and guardian cases are dealt with extreme care. Keeping the home country and Pakistan...

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We have best team of Lawyers

Mansoor Bhutta under the patronage of NIHUNG LAW ASSOCIATES takes pride in bringing to a its platform the best of the Attorneys, Solicitors and Legal Consultants who are equipped not just through academics but also through experience to provide you with the best, conv...

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Our Case Strategy

We at Mansoor Bhutta make sure we take our clients and their needs personally. We not only inform our clients with the best possible solutions but also make sure their emotional attachments and values that they hold are also given due respect.

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Review your Case Documents

No lawyer or case goes through this process without being considered fundamentally different. Holes in the required evidence become immediately apparent. Liability, cause and damage issues are always more vivid and real, but the flaws and weaknesses of the opposition case are also exposed to the sam...

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