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Our Case Strategy

Our Case Strategy

We at Mansoor Bhutta make sure we take our clients and their needs personally. We not only inform our clients with the best possible solutions but also make sure their emotional attachments and values that they hold are also given due respect.

Our strategy involves all means to provide fair justice to our clients. Our client is our priority and so is his peace of mind.

Mansoor Bhutta consultants intend to make all efforts to ease the litigation process for you. In other words, we do careful, methodical case analysis and strategic planning in our work sessions. As part of this process, we constantly search for the case-specific persuasive frames and priming. Themes and anchors are part of the creative process and creativity is an important part of this process. When we look at your case at Mansoor Bhutta, you’re guaranteed that the case will be examined through a different lens and that the collaboration with us will result in a work product that neither of you could have done without the other. 

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Skilled lawyer with a years’ working for a variety of businesses. Extensive knowledge of laws surrounding start-up businesses and mergers. Additional knowledge in criminal representation and effective in developing case strategies for those accused of misdemeanors as well as felonies. Ability to build relations with clients and have obtained numerous repeat clients over the years.

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