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Criminal Cases

Criminal Cases

We best assists our clients as to criminal litigation in Pakistan. Crime law is an extreme practice area covering all aspects of crime. Any act or omission that violates a command that derives its strength from the legislature or from the authority-political or religious-that has absolute power over state matters is considered a crime. This is why the state is being prosecuted against the alleged culprit. The main purpose of criminal law is to maintain the state’s control in all matters involving acts or omissions: no act or omission that challenges the state’s control may be permitted by the state’s criminal law.

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Skilled lawyer with a years’ working for a variety of businesses. Extensive knowledge of laws surrounding start-up businesses and mergers. Additional knowledge in criminal representation and effective in developing case strategies for those accused of misdemeanors as well as felonies. Ability to build relations with clients and have obtained numerous repeat clients over the years.

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