Welfare Forum

CH. MUHAMMAD ILYAS BHUTTA TRUST has been set up in the loving memory of Ch. Muhammad IlyasBhutta(late). He was a renowned Lawyer from Faisalabad. Belonging to the prestigious Bhutta family from 102 JB,Burj Faisalabad. Ch. Muhammad IlyasBhutta was known for his dedication to his profession and is still remembered for his selflessness and generosity. Keeping his vision alive, MYS has set up a welfare forum that shall be sponsored by CH. MUHAMMAD ILYAS BHUTTA (TRUST).
Justice cannot be ensured until it is conveniently dispensed on the doorsteps of the people living below the poverty line. Our free legal consultation and proceedings to the needy through the Trust aims to make the arrangement for the provision of quality legal services to the humanity. The minimum cost of the cases for the needy will be Rs. 50 for the affidavit, rest of the will be covered by CH. MUHAMMAD ILYAS BHUTTA TRUST.
Ch. Muhammad IlyasBhutta (late), comes from the prestigious Bhutta family. An advocate from Faisalabad and Member Faisalabad Bar Council was renowned and celebrated personality. He is still remembered for his generosity. He was known to be helpful and come to assist those in need. His giving and charitable personality has always been an inspiration for us. The free litigation for those below the poverty line is a dream project, which intends to help those in need.

CH. MUHAMMAD ILYAS BHUTTA-TRUST will be sponsoring the MYS-welfare forum and will be responsible for providing free litigation to the needy and the deserving.